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The upper beam is used to hang the filter plate, and the triangular frame structure has higher safety and stability.

Dec 15, 2023
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1. The upper beam is used to hang the filter plate, and the triangular frame structure has higher safety and stability. It is more suitable for the application of large-scale filter presses, and the service life of the equipment is much longer than that of traditional side beam filter presses.

2. The pull plate is opened sequentially in a chain manner. The pull plate is stable and efficient. All structures of the pull plate are hidden inside the suspension beam, which is not corroded by materials or environmental factors. It has good anti-corrosion performance and long service life.

3. The observation surface of the filter plate is not blocked by the girder, and the cake unloading status is clear at a glance, which solves the operation blind spot caused by the structure of the side beam filter press

4. Without the cover of the girder, the replacement of the filter cloth becomes simple and efficient.

5. Equipped with a bottom-mounted filter cloth cleaning mechanism, which saves the height of the factory building;

6. Equipped with safety light curtain and protective cover to ensure safe and reliable operation

7. The pipeline of the machine head is shipped after the installation and commissioning of the factory is completed, and it is skid-mounted;

8. It is suitable for industries with high degree of automation and severe on-site corrosion, such as municipal administration, tap water, power plant desulfurization, chemical industry, etc.

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