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Screw Pump
Single screw pump can be used to transport single or multiple medium fluids, including neutral or corrosive, clean or abrasive, gas containing or easy to generate bubbles, high viscosity or low viscosity, and liquids containing fibers or solid particles, which are widely used in various industrial departments.
Screw Pump
Screw Pump
Screw Pump
Screw Pump
Screw Pump
Screw Pump
Screw Pump
Screw Pump
Product Description

Screw Pump


1 Discharge room 8 Sealing room
2 Stator 9 Bearing seat
3 Rotor 10 Bearing
4 Pull rod 11 transmission shaft
5 Universal joint 12 Coupling
6 Connection shaft 13 Motor
7 Suction chamber 14 Base


Model Flow Go up Pressure Rotating speed Motor Power Import Exit
G25-1 2 60 0.6 960 1.5 Dg32 Dg25
G25-2 2 120 1.2 960 2.2 Dg32 Dg25
G30-1 5 60 0.6 960 2.2 Dg50 Dg40
G30-2 5 120 1.2 960 3.0 Dg50 Dg40
G35-1 8 60 0.6 960 3.0 Dg65 Dg50
G35-2 8 120 1.2 960 4.0 Dg65 Dg50
G40-1 12 60 0.6 960 4.0 Dg80 Dg65
G40-2 12 120 1.2 960 5.5 Dg80 Dg65
G50-1 20 60 0.6 960 5.5 Dg100 Dg80
G50-2 20 120 1.2 960 7.5 Dg100 Dg80
G60-1 30 60 0.6 960 11 Dg125 Dg100
G60-2 30 120 1.2 960 15 Dg125 Dg100
G70-1 45 60 0.6 960 15 Dg150 Dg125


Work principles


The screw pump is a propelling positive displacement pump. Its main components are the rotor and stator. The rotor is a screw (rotor) with large lead, high tooth height and small spiral inner diameter. The stator is matched with the double head spiral and the screw sleeve. This creates a space for storing media between the rotor and the stator. When the rotor operates in the stator, the media moves axially from the suction end to the discharge end.



Working characteristics


1.The spiral seal in contact between the stator and rotor completely separates the inlet and outlet cavities, providing the pump with a valve isolating function.
2. It can achieve multiphase mixed transportation of liquid, gas, and solid.
3. When the fluid flows inside the pump, the volume does not change, and there is no turbulence, agitation, or pulsation.
4. The volume cavity formed by the elastic stator can effectively reduce the wear of conveying media containing solid particles.
5. The input dielectric viscosity can reach 5000MPa·S, and the solid content can reach 50%.
6. The flow rate is proportional to the speed, and automatic adjustment of the quantity can be achieved with the help of a governor.
7. The pump can deliver forward and backward.






Compared with the centrifugal pump, screw pump does not need to install valves. Its flow is stable and linear.
Compared with the plunger pump, screw pump has strong self suction capacity and high suction height.
Compared with diaphragm pump, screw pump can transport various mixed impurities containing gas, solid particles or fiber media, and can also transport various corrosive substances.
Compared with gear pump, screw pump can transport substances with high viscosity.
Unlike plunger pump, diaphragm pump and gear pump, screw pump can be used for reagent filling and metering.


Application range


1. Sewage treatment: sewage, sewage oil, sludge containing solid substances, and various chemicals.
2. Chemical industry: acids, alkalis, salts, various viscous paste emulsions, forming ointments, dyes, pigments, inks, and paints. 3. Energy industry: various fuels (raw oil, crude oil, diesel), coal, water, coal slurry, coal slurry, and nuclear waste.
4. Paper industry: various cellulose and pulp, coatings, black liquor treatment, etc.
5. Ceramic Industry: Porcelain clay, refractory clay, glaze, bentonite, white carbon black.
6. Exploration and mining: various drilling mud, tunnel engineering, multiphase transportation of oil, water, and concrete.
7. Medicine, food, cosmetics industry, various syrups, jam, starch paste, ointments, hops, mashed potatoes, alcohol, chocolate, etc.

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