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Detailed explanation of the working principle and applicable fields of the diaphragm filter press

Dec 18, 2023
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diaphragm filter press


Diaphragm filter press is a kind of solid-liquid separation equipment, which is widely used in chemical industry, environmental protection, food, pharmaceutical and other industries. Its working principle is simple and clear, mainly to filter the feed liquid through the diaphragm, so as to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation.

The structure of the diaphragm filter press is composed of a filter plate, a diaphragm plate and a pressing mechanism. The feed liquid first enters the filter chamber through the filter plate, and then the diaphragm shrinks to squeeze out the liquid inside the filter chamber to form a filter cake and filtrate. The filter cake builds up on the filter plate, while the filtrate is discharged through the flow channel. When the filter cake reaches a certain thickness, it needs to be shut down to clean or replace the filter cloth.

Diaphragm filter press is suitable for occasions that require solid-liquid separation, such as filtration, crystal separation, and catalyst recovery in chemical production; sludge treatment and wastewater treatment in the field of environmental protection; clarification, concentration, and separation in food processing; extraction, separation, etc. in the pharmaceutical industry. Diaphragm filter presses can process suspensions, high-viscosity liquids and corrosive liquids, etc., and have the advantages of high filtration efficiency, low energy consumption, simple operation, and convenient maintenance.

In conclusion, the membrane filter press is a very practical solid-liquid separation equipment, which is widely used in many industries. Its working principle is simple, suitable for various types of liquid treatment, and provides important support for industrial production.

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